Magical Unicorn Mug Pipe
About this item Novelty Coffee Mug for the adult Queen in your life, living our the adult fairytales! Ceramic Mug that is Dishwasher Safe Wonderful Novelty Gift ideal for Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Wedding Gifts and more Large 18oz mug measuring...
Tattoo Girl Smoking Pipe Mug
This trendy novelty mug is made of ceramic and holds around 10oz. It is shaped like a female body with hands covering her breasts. There are 3 beautiful tattoos on the front and angel wings on her back.Attached to the...
420 Purple Mug Pipe
This fun and trendy novelty mug is made of ceramic and holds around 11oz of your favorite blend. It features a glossy purple color, a matching black inside and a cool 420 design in Purple colors. Attached to the front...
Witches Brew Smoking Pipe Mug
This unique and trendy novelty pipe is made of ceramic. It comes in a brilliant black color. The pipe has white letters that read �Witches Brew� on the front, with a witches hat on top. Inside, is a green potion...
Roast and Toast Yellow Flame Mug
Yellow Roast & toast mug with flames. Whether you are sipping morning coffee, evening tea or something in between, you can add a touch of 'smoke' with these trendy Roast & Toast mugs. This trendy novelty mug is made of...
Apple Pipe Mug
Everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Enjoy a healthy smoke with this cool apple pipe! It is sure to be a conversation starter at any 420 culture themed event.This trendy apple pipe is made from...
Star Wars Darth Vader Ceramic Mug
May the force be with every sip you take out of the new Star Wars Darth Vader Ceramic Mug. This go-to mug is composed of ceramic and features a Darth Vader structure that holds up to 18oz of liquid, Darth Vader ceramic...
Denim Ceramic Mug
About this item Great Gift! Size 4 1/4'' x 5 3/4'' x 5'' The mug holds approx 17oz. Cool leMade of ceramic Real looking blue jeans design with stunning detailsaf on the back pocket Cool leaf on the back pocket...
Iron Man Smoking Pipe Mug
Features: Ceramic Mug Pipe Attached to Handle Iron Man Design
Her Royal Highness Mug Pipe
Do you have a lady friend who is super cool and in the groove? Choose a trendy Her Royal Highness Mug as a gift. She will enjoy a smoke and a coffee to start the day! This fun and trendy...
Cake Mug Pipe
Enjoy the thought of a delicious layered chocolate cake while you sip your early morning coffee and have a smoke!This trendy novelty adult gift mug features a realistic looking layered chocolate layer cake. It is made of ceramic and holds...
Green Hulk Hand Mug Pipe
Product Information *Capacity: 350ml*Material: Ceramic*Creative ceramic milk coffee cup.* Round cup mouth, smooth cup surface.*Environmentally friendly, without BPA. Please use anytime.*It is recommended to wash by hand or choose a dishwasher for ceramic crystals. he Hulk Shaped Mug has been...
Premium Roast And Toast Ceramic Blue Pipe Mug
Overview  The Premium Roast & Toast Ceramic Mug Large (10 fluid ounces) is the perfect novelty item to add to your bottom line. Not only does this large mug hold up to ten ounces of coffee or tea, but it...
Roast & Toast Ceramic Ice Cream Bowl
Description: Best Choice Wholesale offers a Roast & Toast Ceramic Ice Cream Bowl. This ice cream bowl is made of premium ceramic material. It has a real-looking ice cream cone base with chocolate syrup dripping over the top. This bowl...
Stoner Emoji Ceramic Mug Pipe
This trendy mug is made from ceramic. It features an emoji design in bright yellow with bloodshot eyes and droopy eyelids. The cool textured body has a lumpy look.
Stoner Mom Mug
Do you know a Mom who is super cool and in the groove? Choose a trendy Stoner Mom mug as a gift. She will enjoy a smoke and a coffee to start the day!This fun and trendy novelty mug is...
Ceramic Panda Mug
Description: Funny panda head mug with a built-in pipe.  Individually boxed.  With this Ceramic Panda Mug Pipe, you'll find yourself to be as chill as a Panda. Take a smoke and take a drink all at once with this cool...
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