Ignitus 11x Butane 300ml/10.14 fl 12ct
Ignitus 11x is an 11x refined premium butane gas. This box contains 12 cans consisting of 300mL each. This butane is refined and filtered eleven times to nearly eliminate impurities that can clog the fuel lines of your torch. Box of 12 Cans...
Ignitus Regular Butane 300ml/10.14fl
Refined up to 3 times for superior performance Universal Adapters 300mL / 10.14 oz. 12 units display 8 displays / case
Ignitus Magnum Torch - Gold
  • + 3
Ignitus Magnum Torch - Gold
7.5 inch in height Lock and Unlock Tab Flame Strength Adjuster Refill Valve Ignition Button
  • + 3
Ignitus Dragon Torch - Blue
Refillable Lock and Unlock Knob Single Flame  
Ignitus Rocket Torch (12 PCS Display)
7.5″ Ignitus Rocket Torch Straight Body  Adjustable Lockable Refillable Single Jet Flame Lighters
Ignitus Photon Torch (8 PCS Display)
8 PCS in a Display Color: Blue, Silver and Gold 6 inches Torch Hexagonal base for stable upright position
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