Randy's Classic 1 1/4 Wired Rolling Papers - 25ct
Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers contain a stainless steel wire running along the length of the paper. This dual purpose wire works as a support when rolling. It also works as a natural handle when smoking. 24 Leaves per Pack, 25-Pack Display. ...
Randy's tapered bristle pipe cleaners black label
Comes with the Counter Top Display - Easy Resale! 100's of Uses but for Pipe Cleaning - they are the Bomb! 48 Bundles/ 44 Counter Per Bundle/ 2112 Total Bristle Style 6" Length Tapered
Randy's Puff Nectar Bats
The Randy's Puff Bat is a one-hitter style piece comprised of a silicone body and glass bowl. What makes the bat special is the flavored filter between the two components.
Randy’s Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaner 6 Inch
Randy's Black Label Pipe Cleaners 6 Inch Material: 100% Unbleached Cotton Bristle wire style for heavy duty cleaning Use Randy's Bristle Pipe Cleaners for mild to heavy duty cleaning on your pipes. 44 Tapered Pipe cleaners per bundle 48 bundles...
Randy's Pure Air Filter
Individual unit dimensions: 5.375 x 1.875″ Up to 300 uses per filter 2 built in silicone storage jars
Randy's Path Crushed Quartz Coil - 5ct
Randy's Path Replacement Coils 5/pack Crushed Quartz For Electronic Nectar Collector Concentrate Vape (Vapor Straw) Replacement Quartz tips for the Randy's Path 2-in-1 Concentrate Vaporizer. The Quartz Tip allows the Path to be used as an electronic concentrate collector.
Randy's Path Nectar Collector
Randy’s Path Vaporizer features an ergonomic body with a sleek black finish, providing the power to vape your waxes and oils without the need for a big bulky rig. This innovative vaporizer pen is the most simple and convenient way...
$19.99 $15.99
Randy's Path Plus Nector Collector
The nectar collector that you’ve come to love, has just gotten better! The Path Plus offers a next level, clog resistant design so that the device can be easily monitored and cleaned to prevent clogging. We’ve also added a new...
Randy's Grip Concentrate Vaporizer
The Randy’s Grip concentrate vaporizer is an innovative, portable, user-friendly experience. With a fun-to-use yet ergonomic design, the Grip is easy and satisfying to utilize for any level of vape enthusiast. This concentrate vape boasts an exceptional battery life; perfect...
Randy's Path Nectar Collector
Concentrate Vaporizer Vertical Concentrate Device
Randy's Classic King Size Wired Rolling Papers - 25ct
Randy’s Classic King Size Rolling Papers are each wired and packed by hand in the USA. Each wire is made from American Stainless Steel, and the papers are made from an all-natural blend of flax and tree pulp.  All-Natural Flax...
$29.99 $27.99
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