WAXMAID NEEDLE SILICONE NECTAR COLLECTOR KIT - DISPLAY OF 6CT What’s included1*Silicone holder1*Dab glass bowl1*Titanium nail1*Quartz nail
Waxmaid Ash Catcher Mini See Through (12 PCS Display)
Description: Waxmaid mini Silicone Ash Catcher is a universal smoking accessory, can be used for both 14mm and 18mm downstem/joint size smoke pieces. Waxmaid universal 14mm-18mm mini ash catcher utilizes a 45-degree joint angle to substantially capture more tar and debris, reducing them from sticking to the...
Waxmaid Ash Catcher See Through (6 PCS Display)
At less than half the weight of a glass ash catcher, the Silicone Ash Catcher is no joke when it comes to performance. Featuring a long diffused downstem and large chamber, this ash catcher dutifully filters your smoke before it ever reaches your...
Waxmaid Silicone and Glass Bubbler (12 PCS Display)
Waxmaid silicone glass mini bubbler meets durability and ultra portability ! Waxmaid silicone glass mini bubbler is an ultra-mini, cute, and unique piece! Pocket-sized and silicone wrapped, the platinum cured silicone provides the perfect protection your bubbler needs from any accidental drops!...
Waxmaid Ice Spoon (12 PCS)
This octagonal-shaped hand pipe from Waxmaid is made from platinum cured heavy-duty silicone. This silicone spoon has a big cylindrical bowl that has a built-in filter screen for maximum airflow. Silicone pipes provide durability and feature bright psychedelic colors and...
Waxmaid Silicone and Glass Bowl (12 pcs Display)
- Suit for 14-16 mm joint - Platinum cured Silicone - Come with a glass bowl - Easy to clean - BPA free, FDA approved - Assorted Design (Rose, Bird Nest, Diamond, Egg, Hat, Pumpkin)  
Waxmaid Shark Silicone Hand Pipes 12Ct
Box of 12 silicone hand pipes A cool looking hammerhead shark design. These handpipes not only look good but grip well in the hand.  Product info: Box of 12 Lanyard included Size: 4.3" in length Fitted glass bowl Platinum Cured...
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