OCB Bamboo Pre-Rolled Cones Mini Size - (32 Packs Per Box)

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Introducing America's first bamboo rolling papers, pre-rolled into small easy-to-fill mini rolled cones! Sustainable, all-natural, clean-burning; This bundle includes 32 10-Packs - 320 Mini Paper Cones with Tips. The mini cones measure in at 70mm.

Never worry about having to roll again; OCB Bamboo Pre-rolled rolling paper cones with tips allow you to simply fill, pack, light, and enjoy; The mini size pre-rolled cones hold small pinches of material that burns for a long time.

Not only are these preroll mini cones made to save you time, they’re actually made with safe, high-quality, all-natural materials; Vegan, non-GMO, chlorine-free, bleach-free, dye-free, natural always-sticks acacia gum, no-tear papers.

These ultra thin versatile extra small rolling papers maintain a consistent and smooth burn throughout the entire cone; Perfect length for one; they’ll slow burn so you can fully enjoy every second without the worry of a one-sided or uneven burn.

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OCB Bamboo Pre-Rolled Cones Mini Size - (32 Packs Per Box)
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