Silicone Grenade Nectar Collector with Titanium Nail

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1. Explosive Taste

Savor your concentrates in ways never imagined with this Silicone Grenade Nectar Collector! This uniquely designed collector is 6.5" long when its Grade 2 Titanium straw is inserted, and inside of the grenade body is an open chamber with a bubble perc, allowing you to put water inside for diffusion and cooling, making this a worthy addition to any nectar collector collection thanks to its dual wet and dry functionality! Between sessions the grenade sits neatly on the included dab station, keeping its hot tip off any surface. No more burned furniture or carpets!

2. Completely Disassemblable for Easy Cleanup

The whole device comes apart for easy cleaning. The bulk of the body is made from strong and sturdy silicone, while the mouthpiece is more flexible to be able to be removed. Inside is a small part that functions as a bubble percolator, diffusing and cooling smoke as it comes through to make smooth, flavorful draws. The whole grenade is made from food grade silicone, healthy and chemical-free. The Grade 2 Silicone straw has both a 10mm tube and a 14mm Male joint, and either end can be connected to the grenade.

3. Housing Stand for Display and Controlled Use

The grenade comes complete with an outfitted housing. The octagonal stand houses the titanium nail, when not in use; comes with a stainless steel dab tool; and also features a small chamber to store concentrates with the same food-grade silicone the straw itself is made out of. In the center of the housing is a raised bridge with a hole in it: a hole that the Grenade Nectar Collector sits neatly in. It can rest there on display and, between sessions, can be placed there to keep the hot straw off of other surfaces. But it serves another purpose too: When you insert the 14mm Male end of the straw into the grenade and place it on top, the nectar collector reaches straight down to the bottom of the base of the stand. This allows you to place your concentrates directly below and use the stand, and its flexible silicone along the raised bridge, to keep your straw sturdy and controlled as you slurp up your favorite concentrates!

4. Included with this Nectar Collector

  • 4'' Silicone Grenade

  • Grade 2 Titanium Straw with a 14mm Male joint

  • Silicone Stand

  • Stainless Steel Dabber

  • Dab Dish

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Silicone Grenade Nectar Collector with Titanium Nail
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